External Quality Control Review

External Quality Control Review or EQCR

Within every firms Quality Assurance Manual, it dictates which of your year end assurance engagements require third party External Quality Control Review.

These are usually files that are:

1. Public Company Audits;
2. Larger Assurance Engagements, either Audit or Review Engagements (generally dictated by the the Dollar size of the engagement billings of the percentage of the firms billings);
3. Higher Assessed Risk Engagements;

Our firm has more than 35 years of experience performing the EQCR on these type of engagement files and would be pleased to provide our knowledge, guidance and expertise to your firm if you have these type of engagements.

We have particular expertise with the review of public company audited files and audited financial statements, including the required Management Discussion and Analysis (M D & A) that must be prepared and reviewed by the External Auditors as part of these type of engagements. Let us help you with these important and high risk engagements to ensure that everything is correct and complete before filing and that everything will meet or exceed the necessary standards, including the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) and the CPA Canada and Provincial Institute and Stock Exchange requirements.

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David M. Orbst, HBBA, Chartered Professional Accountant, Licensed Public Accountant.

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